Introducing another amazing adventure van brought to you by the pros at Taos Adventure Imports. The Toyota Town Ace is perhaps best known by US Japanese van enthusiasts as Toyota’s “Van Wagon” from the 1980s. These were offered in the US with either 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive running gear with only Toyota’s 2.0 liter “3Y” gasoline engine, and later Toyota’s 2.2 liter “4Y” gasoline engine. Sadly, for US aficionados of Japanese small vans, 1989 was the last year for the “Van Wagon” in the US, as Toyota eventually transitioned to offering the Previa to US buyers. In Japan and in many other markets the “Van Wagon” was known as the Town Ace, the Master Ace, or the Space Cruiser. Japanese buyers were offered the Town Ace for many more years after they were no longer sold in the U.S. They were also offered a variety of options such as Toyota’s small, efficient, powerful, and extremely reliable Diesel powerplants, coupled with 5 speed manual transmission and selectable four wheel drive.

This example of the 1994 Toyota Town Ace is the desirable Super Extra Limited 4WD version, which offers comfortable seating for 8 people, and has perhaps Toyota’s best Diesel engine ever offered in the Town Ace, the 3C-TE 2.2 liter. This is the most fuel efficient, powerful, and durable engine offered in the Town Ace. It lasted as an engine offered in the Town Ace until 2004. The Super Extra Limited trim level also included Toyota’s “Sky LIte” Panoramic glass roof with a full 6 sunroofs, two above the driver and passenger, two above the middle row of seats, and 2 above the rear passenger seats. These have manually operated shades you can close to keep the heat of the sun out when desired, or open to allow the beauty of your natural surroundings into the cabin. The forward-most 4 Sky Lite roof panels tip open several inches at the outer edges for increased ventilation and fresh air. The rear row of seats fold up to stow out of the way if you need cargo space.

These Town Ace vans make a great base for a camper van build and that is especially true for the Super Extra Limited version which has the high roof option, in addition to the Sky Lite sunroofs, through which you can peer at the stars in the night sky while you lounge and camp in comfort in the backcountry. The 4WD chassis, coil spring rear suspension, and manually locking front hubs provide versatility and mobility to get into the backcountry while providing comfortable on-road driving and riding dynamics. This one comes with only 146,060 verified kilometers on the odometer, which converts to 90,904 miles. The 3C-TE engine, much like almost all of Toyota’s excellent power plants, is known to last 300,000 to 400,000 or more miles without trouble, so this Town Ace has many years of trouble-free joyful motoring ahead of it. It has only light wear and tear, much less than expected for a 26-year old vehicle, which shows that it was well-taken care of and well-loved during its previous life in Japan. The interior is very clean, presents well, and smells fresh and clean. Fully inspected, serviced and ready for the second two-thirds of its life of adventure in the U.S., this Town Ace Super Extra LImited is offered at $14,995.00. Contact your adventure van professionals here at Taos Adventure Imports, where we supply your dreams, for more information, or if you’d like to place a deposit to purchase this excellent and truly unique 4WD adventure van. It is expected at the port from Japan the second week of August. As with all of our vehicles it comes with Customs duties paid and all Customs exemptions paperwork completed with a professional customs broker, and has entered the US legally and is road-legal under the 25-year vehicle import law.