The Mitsubishi L300 Delica Star Wagon is the ultimate vanlife, smiles per gallon adventure van wagon companion, and makes an excellent starting point for a DIY camper build, adventure van, overland expedition rig, or fun and funky mars rover type of daily driver. This Delica is a Super Exceed model that starts with Mitsubishi’s fantastic and durable 2.5L 4D56T turbodiesel engine-and adds a part-time selectable 4WD system with 2WD Hi, 4WD Hi, and 4WD Lo as well as automatic locking front hubs, along with limited slip rear differential that was available in some models. Mitsubishi utilized the same four wheel drive system in these as they did in their workhorse SUV that won the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero, so you know it’s rugged, durable, dependable and poised for off-road adventure. Add the comforts of the Super Exceed trim package and you’re all set to start loving living van life. Super Exceed models came with the hot and cool box with ice maker, limited slip rear differential, dual batteries, upgraded comfortable captain’s seats with the two in the middle row that swivel to face rearward, the Crystal Lite roof in rear for a total of 5 sunroofs, and seats that fold flat to make a bed in case you’re not yet ready to remove them to make room to build out your camper conversion. This beauty has only 132,000 km on the odometer-which converts to just 83,000 miles. These 4D56T engines can run for many hundreds of thousands of miles if properly maintained. This Delica recently had the timing belts replaced as well as the cooling system serviced in Japan, so this Delica should provide many more years of adventure. We have an expected arrival from Japan for this Delica during the third week in September. Get in touch to lock it in with a deposit as most of the vehicles we import sell before they arrive in the US. The Mitsubishi L300 Delica is purpose built and perfect for off road adventuring. The 4WD system will get you to the campsite and never leave you stranded. All vehicles that we import are handled by a Customs broker to ensure they are legal to drive on US roads and to register in most states and come with all Customs duties paid and exemption paperwork.