Here is the ultimate overland rig. It’s a rare JDM 1991 Toyota TownAce 4WD camper van. This is better than a Volkswagen Eurovan camper with the same versatility and ease of mobility because you can take it off-road and get way into the back country. It’s easier on the wallet than a Mercedes Sprinter 4WD camper while also providing easier parking and city street mobility. These are about the size of a Mitsubishi Delica or a Toyota Hiace. This one is extremely rare because it is so clean and rust-free. It was graded a 4 at inspection in Japan which is two levels above average condition. Usually these 4WD campers from Japan get very rusty by the time they’re 28 years old-especially with corrosion on the frame. This one has a very clean undercarriage and was hand-picked for its beautiful condition and low miles-just 75,000 original, verified miles. This rig has a full camper setup in the rear-stove burner, refrigerator, sink, shower, toilet, furnace, and two beds that can sleep up to 4 people. It has a solar panel on the roof. It has Toyota’s venerable 2.0 liter diesel 4 cylinder engine, a 5 speed manual transmission, 2WD hi, 4WD hi, and 4WD Lo transfer case, and while it won’t win any drag races, it will get you there and won’t leave you stranded as long as it’s maintained and well cared for. This camper makes it about the journey and about the destination. It’s the ultimate vanlife dream machine. Get in touch if you’d like more info or you’d like to place a deposit to purchase it. These are hard to find this clean. I am importing this rig direct from Japan and it will come with clean and clear title as well as all legal import documentation and customs duties paid. I use a highly reputable and professional customs broker to clear all vehicles at the port and to make them road legal in the US. The van is due in to port September 22nd.