This 1993 Toyota Hiace Super Custom Limited Four Wheel Drive in pearl white over wine interior is a real beauty. The super custom limited trim package includes a host of luxury amenities that very few vehicles in the early 90s had. These amenities include power curtains, rear air conditioning, cool and hot box with ice maker in the center console, a water boiler for brewing tea, parking sonar proximity sensors, “joyful talk” PA system that lets the driver and rear passengers talk without needing to raise your voice over road noise. This example has only 121,062 kilometers on the odometer, which converts to just over 75,000 miles. The “3L” Toyota 2.8 liter diesel engine is not even broken in yet at 75,000 miles. The Toyota 3L Diesel engine is renown for its durability and reliability as well as its fuel economy. The pearl white paint is in great condition for a 27 year old vehicle. The decals on the sides are cracking some, but still adhering to the body and in good overall condition. The power windows and power driver’s seat work excellent. This is the epitome of 90s Japanese van life adventure vans and is ready to take you and your family on many memorable journeys now and into the future. Contact us to make it yours.